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Midst of chaos

Then, just tell em to fuck offffff_ Simple as…

In our life, whenever a crack of chaos has been out. It diminishes the person, either bring out the best or worst. Even we let ourselves get help from out demons to let the best version of ourselves out in our life. Slowly, slowly we let ourselves to be taken by our demons, the power it holds makes us so addictive to them we basically become their slave. They tell us more awful stuff to do instead they will grant us our desire wishes. But not all wishes are good. Their bad deeds all come to an end and Allah gave his creation the punishment he deserved to fall into the trap of his demons.

Flaws and realizing those flaw and improving themselves is the kind of ideal human. We as human have made many mistakes in our life and improving them and making sure you do not let another human being make the kind of mistakes you made.

You see, I myself has made many mistakes. I am not a flawless human, those mistakes i made. Now they made me realize that i should not make those kind of mistakes. I deeply regret them. Regrets is another topic so next post is awaiting.

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Blogger, Personal stories, True to oneself



As promised, this post is about regrets as i mentioned it in my last blog. Many of us have last moment regrets, wish i could tell my loved one that i loved them before dying, could’ve appreciate them as well. But some regrets about the trust you gave to another person and they break them. Those regrets hits us like truck that “man, i loved her so much, i wish i could turn back time to get he back” , “I wish i should not have given my heart, i could’ve be real happy now”. You see there are many thing that we regret about. Every person have their own regrets, you cannot compare them with another person. The more regrets you have the less happy you are.
If you have lots of regrets, that means you have to bury them deep in the ground and cover them. Cover them means move on, do not linger onto those regrets they are a firewall to your chance of happiness in your life. You just gotta move on for your own self.

I buried my regrets so i can obtain the level of peace, self-obsessedness (even if this is not a word) and confidence, so no one can hurt me in the future with my mistakes and regrets. And Alhamdulillah i am so happy and self-obsessed that i started my own blog. You see the confidence that i am pouring through this blog, not even caring that my family will read this and i will be embarrassed in the future. But now i’m writing. What matters is the present. Not the past nor my embarrassed future self.

Next blog on how i spent my Eid-ul-adha 2019!
Eid mubarik people! ❤

Loads of Love!! ❤


Accepting ourselves

We all have flaws in ourselves, weather it is in beauty or personality. People, we need to love our beauty and what kind of personality we have. If we accept our flaws, we are accepting ourselves as us. Not as someone defining us to be someone else. Real beauty is someone who love themselves and accept themselves as who they really are.

We do not need someone to accept us if we do not accept ourselves. We are in this turmoil of people accepting us and keeping our confidence low in any other thing we are sharing or want to share.

Some people take the hands of humour to hide their real selves in the midst of chaotic laughs.

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In a world filled with hallowed bodies, be someone with a soul for thirsting adventure and “Solace”.

I hide my face and take the blames so when you tell tales of my betrayal I don’t speak and all Truth is revealed.


A thousand words in dictionary. A million ways for everything. A complicated life for everyone, If i choose one word to gather everything of this world. I would choose “Silence”.

The wound is the place where the Light enters you

A fading sunset And a broken self. Holds a beautiful story of Pain, Not known to others yet a Faltering beauty for others.

Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?

We see the beauty In everything,but ourselves.

As the night get darker,
Let your worries fade,
Sleep peacefully,
knowing you’ve done all you can
for today

I don’t fear death so much as I fear its prologues: loneliness, decrepitude, pain, debilitation, depression, senility.
After a few years of those, I imagine death presents like a holiday at the beach.
-Mary Roach

Understand the One and forge the rest.
Shake off your ways of an apostate pest
Leading to the grave to hell and to torture
Rid your mind of dreams of disaster
This is how is the argument maintained
It’s all in One contained.
-Bulleh shah

Some retire to the jungles in vain
Others restrict their meals to a grain
Misled they waste away unfed
And come back home half-alive, half-dead
Emaciated in the ascetic postures feigned
-Bulleh shah

Why is it that the yearning for the Loved One is especially strong today?
Why is my heart sadder today than even before?
Why does longing penetrate every tissue of mine?
And why are the eyes shedding tears like a shower of rain?

His shining face appeared to me in a vision,
And fragrance emanated in from His tresses;
I fainted from the sight of these visions;
The hordes of his eyes overpowered me.
-Pir Mehar Ali shah

Slithering her wrist with a sharp blade . Letting her bleed out of the tub.. enduring the pain she believed wouldn’t last long 😥

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Modern times of my world


Nowadays we are living in the age of technology, as we are working hard in offices and making progress in scientific world. We are also going far away from our loved ones. More time spent on social media in family gathering or family dinners , the more we are going far away from them. Most people are in the gaze of their toxic family members. They know that they would succeed in life that’s why they oppress you by being toxic to you and give you hateful remarks on everything. Just ignore them and their remarks. They won’t make YOUR life in the future. You have to be their for yourself.


Nowadays, Hate seems to be normal. People with depression and anxiety handle themselves with savage comments or humor to protect themselves. They don’t want others to know about their illness or situation (No offense everyone). But i think it’s important for people to recognize them and handle them with care. They may act insensitive. All they want to be is loved. Not make fun off for their illness/situation.
Let me start with myself, After the death of my dad. my family would be out of the house trying to find work or some of them were busy in their work. They would come home tired. Me as kid didn’t know at that time but would try to talk to them about my day and while i talk, they are probably dozed off to sleep. So i just let them sleep after their hard day. Every day they used to work hard and make ends meet. None of us had a proper bachelors degree , we were young. Our mother only had her experience that got her a job in insurance company. My sister used to work in a call center by night and by morning she used to tutor neighbor’s kids. My brother were both studying and working at the same time. They both had little income but it was better than nothing.  SO as a cure to my loneliness of being home alone, i got a cat. Whom i start to take care and usually we would play. As time passed, i guess that loneliness got away and now a little parting present  from loneliness got to come with me in the present. NOW we are all living fine and all Alhamdulillah , but i feel disconnected with my family, and now i have made many friends but only few really concern to me! Otherwise i just send  a meme and we laugh a bit and TA TA bye, who are you and who are we!
So that’s how it is nowadays, we just have to live with it and probable learn to love it

As times change, i got myself to spend some time with my family and less time on social media and was away from internet friends. I made a friend outside from educational institute and well we both belong to the same fandom. Yes we still fangirl alot over BTS but as i spend more time with ny family i got to a level of understanding between the distance that i put up with them.
There’s no cure for loneliness, Someone is gonna come make you less-lonely and then leave. We all are gonna leave someone or someone gotta leave this world. So why not make time to do effort and grasp that wisp of happiness, just that fragment of happiness and cherish those memories forever.

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How we deal with this feminism stuff?


Feminism! Wrote this word for the first time but what does it really means? To stand for the rights of every woman or stand for the equality of genders. But what about those woman of small city? Do they know the power they hold within themselves to bear all the hardships at first of their parents, then their husband and in-laws and after the birth of her child they have to bear the hardship of raising a child. These women hold powers that no man could ever have in this era. If we look across our history Hazrat khadija R.A was the first business woman in the quresh tribe. She also had the power to spread the messages of islam along with the women of the tribe.
So what I’m trying to say that please if you are educated just try to lead a simple life rather than an extravagant one. Simpler the life spent, much better rank will be given to you in jannat.
Plus leading a glamourous, extravagant and elite life would try to raise the feeling of envy , jealousy and anger in this world. Making ourselves dangerous to live in this world.

Peace out

P.S: Its my first offical blog and not likr i own an another blog or something under a mysterious name thag i made 2 years ago or smthing. Love ya all… would appreciate your feedback okay byeee❤